Create your RFQ and receive offers from qualified sellers

Make Requests

Send us your material request with information on Material Type, Grade, Total Weight & required Delivery Date.

Get Offers

Receive offers from qualified suppliers across EMEA within the timeframe defined by you.

Compare Offers

Compare offers from different suppliers directly on your RFQ application on the basis of offer prices and delivery conditions.
Contact your supplier to negotiate the deal - we help you get the best terms for your request.
Place an Order
Place your order through Vanilla Steel with the negotiated Terms & Conditions, sit back and await the fulfillment of your order.

Benefits of the RFQ process

Standard requests

Request standardization ensures all required information is provided and the supplier can make the offer in just a few days.


Matching offers to hundreds of qualified suppliers based on material requirements and supplier catalogues increase efficiency and the likelihood of offers being made.
Offer comparison
Standard offer format ensures comparability allowing you to quickly identify the best offer matching your requirements.
Request & offer database
Track all your requests and offers in one place, allowing you to reuse historical requests or track past RFQ activity and performance.

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