Vanilla Steel is your destination for excess steel.
We believe excess steel should be easy to source and sell online. We enable buyers to find and buy excess steel directly from European producers and stockholders. We offer you semi-finished, overrolling, excess material, declassified material as well as aged stock.
Steel producers and stockholders regularly have material in inventory due to excess production, quality issues during production, or that has been in the warehouse too long. Within the industry, this material is known as excess steel. Every week, new auctions are published, and buyers can bid for the material. At the end of the week, the material is allocated and the fulfillment process begins.

How Vanilla Steel works


Register & provide your company information so sellers can identify you

Set your preferences

Define your preferred material and receive real-time notifications every time new material is published

Bid for material

Make an offer with full visibility on delivery dates and cost or use the buy-now option

Receive order confirmation from your supplier

Receive an order confirmation directly from the supplier including all terms & conditions

Track your order history

Keep track of your orders, prices and documentation in one place


Why use Vanilla Steel

Access to EU Excess Steel

EU-origin excess steel is hard to access - we offer you access to this material FREE of charge

Easy Procurement Process

No more Excel lists, phone calls and site visits - source your material online from the comfort of your home or office

On-demand Services

Add logistics, credit insurance or inspection services to your order with a few clicks

Customer Experience

Order your material with full transparency on material quality, delivery date, and all service costs


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