Vanilla Steel GmbH
Version 1.2
3 September 2020
Vanilla Steel is the European marketplace for metals. Through our platform you can buy or sell excess & prime metals across EMEA.
The headquarters of Vanilla Steel is located in Berlin, Germany.
On Vanilla Steel we offer prime, overrolling, slow movers, declassified material as well as semi-finished steel.
Vanilla Steel sources material from Europe-based producers and stockholders.
Vanilla Steel provides an efficient way of buying prime & excess steel. By joining Vanilla Steel you will be able to source material directly from steel producers and stockholders.
No, the usage of Vanilla Steel is free of charge for buyers.
Yes, we offer the possibility to sell on Vanilla Steel at a success fee. Please contact us using the REQUEST A DEMO button of the website to find out more details.
If you are a private customer you can not use Vanilla Steel. We serve commercial customers only due to legal constraints.
To register, please use the REQUEST A DEMO section of the website.
Yes, you do need to separately register on Vanilla Steel to access the listed material.
Please use the "Don't remember your password?" link on the login page of Vanilla Steel
Please use the "Don't remember your password?" link on the login page of Vanilla Steel
Please contact us at support @vanillasteel.com
Our systems are developed against highest standards of IT security and we care about your data. Please refer to our Data Privacy Policy for more information about the use of your data.
Please contact us at support @vanillasteel.com
At the end of the auction, winnng bidder will receive a winning bid notification immediately. The seller will receive a Purchase Order in the winning bidder's name and will confirm the sale via Order Confirmation with the buyer (usually within 2 business days). If you have not received your Order Confirmation after 2 business days, please contact us on support@vanillasteel.com.
Every bid is binding on Vanilla Steel. However, human mistakes can happen - if you would like to change your bids before auction end, please contact us on support@vanillasteel.com.
The seller issues the Order Confirmation as per agreed terms to the user with the winning bid.
You can type in a new delivery address in your Manage Addresses section. If you experience issues, please contact support@vanillasteel.com
For cancellations after the Order Confirmation has been issued, please contact the seller using the information provided in the Order Confirmation. Please note that cancellations after the Order Confirmation has been issued are a breach of our Terms and Conditions and may result in exclusion from the platform.
The minimum price is set by the seller.
The "Buy Now" price is set by the seller and defines the price at which the seller is willing to close the transaction without a bidding process.
Flat Product
Prime: No defects, full mill certification.
1st Choice: 98% - 100% conform to surface classification "A"
2nd Choice: 80% - 98% conform to surface classification "A"
3rd Choice: 50% - 80% conform to surface classification "A"
4th Choice: <50% conform to surface classification "A"
Hot-rolled products: Surface classification "A" = EN10163
Cold-rolled products: Surface classification "A" = EN10130, EN101268
In most cases, yes. The seller may however choose to remain anonymous until they have been matched to a winning bidder.
No, you cannot see the identity of other buyers bidding in an auction.
Please contact us at support@vanillasteel.com.
Prime material has always a mill certification. Also 1st choice material is eligible for seller certification while declassified material is only eligible for limited certification by the seller.
In some cases, especially where there are visible defects on the material, the seller typically provides photos.
No, all material within one auction is offered as a single bundle.
We currently offer English Auction (with transparent minimum bid price) and Sealed Bid Auction (with no transparent minimum bid price).
Yes, all material offered is exclusively listed on the platform.
The transaction is concluded directly between the Seller and the Buyer.
You can manage your different delivery address in the Manage Addresses section of the user profile.
This is defined by the seller in his auctions parameters.
Delivery times depend on parameters decided by the seller at an auction level. You will be shown an estimated delivery date when you make your bid. Please check the Order Confirmation for actual delivery date.
Delivery terms are defined by the seller within each auction. In general, all shipments are ready for loading within 7 days after issue of the Order Confirmation.
For cases where logistics services are arranged by the seller or by a third party via the platform, logistics prices are shown withinYour Bid Section of the auction. If no prices are shown but you still want to have logistics arranged, please contact us.
Our sellers generally deliver within Central and Western Europe. Additional destinations can be served on request.
Yes, we offer freight shipping through our partners. Prices are displayed when you select your preferred port in the bidding section. If no prices are shown, please click on "I need help with this auction" button and provide your preferred delivery address or location.
All payment terms allowed by the seller are shown in the Your Bid Section. If you wish additional payment terms click on "I need help with this auction" button and provide your preferred payment term.
Information on payment methods is provided by the seller in the Order Confirmation.
Please contact us at support @vanillasteel.com
Please contact us at support @vanillasteel.com
At the moment all prices are expressed in EUR.
Credit terms are defined by the seller within each auction. For sellers offering a credit line, a successful credit check is a pre-condition for issuing the Order Confirmation.